A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I AM WORKING ON A BETTER VERSION OF THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. YOU CAN TRY IT HERE: https://nitai99.itch.io/twisty-chess-remake

This game was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019, with the theme being "Only One". 

It plays like chess, only every couple of turns you can change one of your piece's type (for example, change a pawn into a bishop). To make you lean towards more strategic choices with your switching (and so that you don't just switch everything into queens), the time until your next switch is dictated by how much you were benefited by the change. Also, as the game progresses, switches happen more often, pushing the game towards a quick and more decisive victory with more drastic changes.

Sadly I couldn't use, because of the rules of the jam, a chess AI someone else wrote, and of course it wasn't realistic to write one myself in the scope of the game jam, so until I make a post-game-jam version of this game, it is strictly  multiplayer. 

Anyways, this game has:

ONLY ONE screen,

ONLY ONE board,

ONLY ONE objective,

ONLY ONE button,

and it was made in ONLY ONE day, since I can't work on Saturdays.

Will you enjoy playing this game? There is ONLY ONE way to find out.


P.S: After play-testing the game again a bit after the jam, I found out that after some turns (Over 20 turns by black and 20 by white, I think), you can switch indefinitely. Like I said, I want to make a post-game-jam version, and I will fix this problem in it. Please do not abuse this problem, and just do more drastic changes.

IMPORTANT: Also, I saw that the explanation of the switch mechanic is really unclear. Here Is a clearer version:

Both black and white have a timer, which of course is reduced by 1 every time a piece is moved. Whenever this timer hits 0, at the end of your turn, you will be able to choose one of your pieces and change it. The timer will then be reset  . the number of moves you have to wait until you can make another change is depend on the difference between the value of the original piece and the value of the new one (Queen = 12, Rook = 5, Bishop = 4, Knight = 3, Pawn = 1).

It also depends on how far into the game you are. For example, if you change a Pawn into a Rook, the timer will change to 5(Rook's value) - 1(Pawn's value) + constant. And the constant depends on how many turns were already taken.

A trick you can do and I intended is that if you hurt yourself, you can then instantly switch again. For example, if you are about 8 turns into the game, you can change a Queen into a Bishop, and then change something into a Rook. This can be done in certain situations and give you a much better position.

(Sorry for the lengthy explanation).


Programming - Nitai99

Art - Pixel Chess Asset Pack by DevilsWork.shop

Sound - Moving sound by zippi1, music by pauliuw

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file. Inside the  folder, double click the executable. If you are on Windows, you will need to download the JDK. You will get a message requesting you to do so. Enter the webpage and download it (about 2 minutes). Double click the executable. Done!


Twisty_Chess_Win_64.zip 11 MB
Twisty_Chess_Win_32.zip 11 MB
File isn't working. Please look in comments. 81 MB


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I tried to run it, but only get a gray screen :(

Pretty cool game with an interesting idea. I haven't seen a lot of turn based games in this jam and that's definitely a shame !


Does the Mac version work? I tried downloading and running "TwistyChessMacOS" and I just got a gray screen

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It should work... I will check now.

Yeah... I will check what I did wrong and send you a link to a working build in a minute.


Password: DuringJam

Just tried this and I'm getting the grey screen too, I'm afraid. ):

I am really sorry. I will check again and try to fix it. It seems like maybe it could be something in the zipping, maybe? I'm not sure. I works when I build it.

That's annoying, working in one place but not another... ): Don't really have any suggestions as I don't work with Java, but I hope you figure it out. I'll be happy to try again if you do!

I updated it and tried on 2 computers, and it works. I hope it will work on yours... If you don't want to download it again it's ok. I would understand.

thanks for reminding me to also make macOS versions of my game. if you wanna check it out again i added macOS and linux versions. though i wasnt able to test any so they might not work correctly XP

The idea is nice, but it feels a little juiceless, even for a chess game. If you have more time now you can add some juice, it will really help the game.